Why Grollow

Have you ever wanted to say you were there in the beginning? Now is your chance. Be a part of the next generation of apps. We are a hybrid social media app that meets SaaS functionality.

Are you a sports team that wants to share your group text with your fans? Or perhaps you are a company that wants to privately have your executives communicate proprietary information with your clients.

We provide both and many other useful options in between.

Who We Are

Grollow is a group following app; think Twitter for groups. We all have group texts and chats, and so do our favorite follows on Twitter, our favorite radio hosts, TV hosts and casts, church leaders, teachers, and town councils.

What if we could be a fly on the wall to listen in and even talk to the other flies? But unlike Twitter, the flies on the wall, the followers of the group cannot interfere with the group's conversations. Grollow finally allows us behind the curtains to all the group chats we hear about and have only wished we could listen into.

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